For all enquiries to E&A Strategic Land please contact:

Albany Foot


T 0207 269 7500

EA Strategic Land LLP
33 Ely Place
London, EC1N 6TD

What we do

Maximising the value of land

A specialist team supported by the resources of the Estates & Agency Group to secure and promote land asset opportunities with the aim of maximising land values

E&A Strategic Land has the objective of identifying and investing in commercially viable land development opportunities. Projects may be either brownfield or greenfield sites and will invariably require planning consent to maximise value.

We support landowners through the complex planning and viability process to deliverability. We invest in these projects both financially and with our legal, planning, project and financial management expertise.

We aim, wherever possible, to work with local authorities and the local community to achieve the best results for both them, the landowners and ourselves.

Being privately owned and financed, we can work to what we judge, and so advise the landowner, to be the ideal timetable to deliver the greatest value. We are not under pressure to deliver year end results that force short-term compromises.

Should you have a opportunity that you think may be of interest to E&A Strategic Land, please do contact us for a discussion in confidence.


E&A Strategic Land has the clear objective of identifying and bringing strategic land opportunities to fruition.