The Estates & Agency Group – great partners to work with

If you have an opportunity to discuss or an idea for partnership we’re keen to talk

For all enquiries to the Estates & Agency Group related to potential joint venture activities, please contact us by one of the routes below stating the nature of your enquiry.

Estates & Agency Group

33 Ely Place,
London, EC1N 6TD
T 020 7269 7500

What we do

We work closely with partners to maximise the benefit for both parties

Once an opportunity has been identified as needing extra resource or expertise to complete, the Estates & Agency Group’s ability to add value in a swift and transparent manner is greatly valued

E&A Joint Ventures is the structure we use to partner with other businesses – mainly, but not exclusively in the property sector. We place great emphasis on long term relationships with defined roles and shared benefits.

We are keen to identify partners with complementary skills and expertise, so that together results can be achieved that otherwise would not be realised.

The Estates & Agency Group brings entrepreneurial experience along with financial, legal, planning and commercial expertise.


E&A Joint Ventures is keen to identify complementary businesses where strengths are recognised by both parties and together we can achieve results that we cannot deliver alone.